Peops Relations established company-wide HR systems, supported key manager development, and improved decision-making, resulting in enhanced leadership styles and a more inviting office environment post-pandemic.


Viedoc designs engaging software that modernizes clinical research so that necessary treatments can reach the people who need them faster. They believe in life and science, in people, and in the collective power to change the world and build a healthier future.
Global HR Transformations
Time of project
12 months

Throughout the company there was a need for basic aligned HR processes and support for managers who lacked confidence and empowerment. Besides that, a high volume of employees had to be hired in a short period of time.


A team delivery from Peops Relations of two dedicated consultants established company wide HR systems and processes, and actively engaged in sourcing and recruiting for key positions within the company – while supporting managers with their day-to-day operational and tactical concerns. Besides that extensive leadership development efforts were made to improve internal decision making processes and empower managers.


Improved decision-making abilities and leadership style by key managers within the company. A renewed focus on a pleasant working environment to attract people back to the office (after the pandemic). Basic support structures (intranet) for self-service and templates in various HR processes.


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Every organisation is unique, and we adapt our working process for each customer.
Here’s an example of how a cooperation with us could look like.

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A first meeting where we get to know each other and your needs.
Step Two
Agreement on a way of working and setting up a timeline.
Step Three
Execution of the service with close communication and cooperation with you.
Step Four
Celebration of our joint success and evaluation of the result.

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