Peops Relations seamlessly bridged the gap between HR managers, while also offering flexible support during times of increased HR demands in a growing company.


CTC Clinical Trials
Clinical Trial Consultants AB is a full-service CRO with focus on clinical conduct. Their mission is to facilitate clinical and translational research by providing their customers with cost-effective advice, conduct and reporting of clinical trials.
CTC Clinical Trials
Flexible Interim Team Solutions
Time of project
12 months

A HR manager left CTC and there was a temporary gap to be filled before the new manager would come on board.


A team delivery from Peops Relations, who also recruited and introduced the new HR manager. Given that the company is growing, Peops Relations has since been present as an extension of HR, even with the new HR manager in place, to provide flexible support and HR bandwidth at times with a lot of pressure on the HR department.


An unnoticeable transition between two HR managers and increased flexible support on issues going forward (as the company is still growing). During a 12-month period Peops Relations has been able to provide flexible HR support when needed most.


How We Work

Every organisation is unique, and we adapt our working process for each customer.
Here’s an example of how a cooperation with us could look like.

Step One
A first meeting where we get to know each other and your needs.
Step Two
Agreement on a way of working and setting up a timeline.
Step Three
Execution of the service with close communication and cooperation with you.
Step Four
Celebration of our joint success and evaluation of the result.

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