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Would you like to get started with the new ChatGPT-4o? Read our colleague's latest article in HR-Svepet!
Would you like to know how the new ChatGPT-4 can revolutionize HR work?

This week, our colleague wrote an inspiring post for HR-Svepet, highlighting the use cases for this new AI technology. From what we've heard, it was well-received, and we've received several questions about how we use AI in our work. The answer is: every day. Additionally, we will be hosting several workshops for companies this fall, where we will share strategies and methods for integrating AI into their workplaces. Does your company want to get started with ChatGPT but don't know how? Contact us, and we can discuss the setup and how we can tailor the content to fit your workplace.

You can find the full article here.
Want even more inspiration on how to use ChatGPT-4? Read the article where you get five tips on how to use ChatGPT in your daily life.

Line Thomson
June 26, 2024
OpenAI:s new flaggship has arrived! And there's a lot exciting stuff to cover

The new ChatGPT-4o is live! Here are four highlights from OpenAI's event:

CHATGPT-4o will be free for everyone!

This means that more people will be able to use the new features - one can only speculate why they choose to have the latest features as a free version, what do you think?

Record live - or screen share - and get answers instantly.

This is fantastic news. You can now run live video with ChatGPT and get answers instantly. It can also read your surroundings almost perfectly.

Several new voice tonalities (including singing).

There are certainly many good uses here. I have already seen a clip where two phones are paired against each other. Then you run CHatGpt-4o and - tada - you have a live singing choir!

Finally, 2x faster and handles 5x more requests.

As the user base grows, OpenAi has also handled the higher number of requests coming in. The experience is that it is faster and you get more precise answers.

This feels both scary and exciting at the same time. Imagine the possibility of being able to translate sign language, learn complex maths - or yes, why not learn to sing? I feel that things are moving extremely fast now. The question is: will everyone not using AI today keep up?

Breakfast seminar: AI in HR - Attracting Competence

Don't miss next week's breakfast seminar on the topic of AI. There are a few places left! Register here: https://lnkd.in/dHa_JGYB

Calle Engström
May 14, 2024
New dates added! At Peops Relations, we are proud to present our spring event calendar, packed with opportunities to grow, network, and develop! Whether you're looking to sharpen your skills, network with colleagues in the industry, or discover the latest trends, we have something for you. Check out our calendar and plan your spring with us!

We are releasing a new update with more dates for our spring events. Register as soon as possible, as spaces can quickly fill up.

Inspiration After Work (24 April)

Line Thomson (Peops Relations) and Cecilia Hållner (People Value) will host an interactive round-table discussion on current HR topics. Our speakers will introduce the topic and then moderate the discussions. The goal is for you to take away new insights that you can utilize at your workplace.

Registration is made through this link - or via email to Calle@peopsrelations.se

Attracting Competence (22 May)

Our view of work is continuously changing, which also means that our view on rewards is constantly changing. If you want to find out what is important and how people want to be rewarded for their work, then you should not miss this seminar!

Peops Relations Celebrates 5 Years! Join us as we celebrate five successful years together! We´ll invite you personally to this event, stay tuned!

All events will be held at the Rådhuset in Uppsala. Hope to see you there!

Calle Engström
March 15, 2024
Society is moving faster and faster and business is following suit. Companies are growing faster and making faster decisions, at a pace that only seems to increase. This places high demands on today's workers. However, there are tools we as individuals can use to improve our ability to thrive and succeed at work in this fast-moving environment.

Some thoughts from Ellen, consultant at Peops Relations:  

When I started working as a consultant in People Operations, I quickly realized that I needed to get better at giving myself the best conditions to succeed at work. The pace was high, the tasks new and in a variety of different contexts. It’s an incredibly exciting and rewarding job where you rarely know what the next week will bring.

However, as a person who likes to be 'on top of things', I was facing a challenge in a fast-paced, context-switching world. The feeling of not being in control of my work situation and that the tasks chose me instead of me choosing them, stressed me out. Surely there are more people who recognize this, and we all know that stress is harmful to us in the long run. Prolonged stress is not only a threat to our well-being and productivity at work, but we also risk negative health consequences such as poorer learning ability, poorer memory and a weakened immune system.

To avoid this, I started testing different ways of organising my work, and a year later I am still testing. Based on how we function as humans, what we need and what actually works, four key elements can be summarized in a model we call the PEPP model (Prioritize, Engage, Plan and Pause).

What is the PEPP model?  

The PEPP model is a summary of what research says about focus and health at work. It focuses on prioritization, planning, engagement, and physical health. It follows a number of studies that point to the importance of minimizing context switching and moving around at work, and its relationship with job performance.

Prioritize: A prioritization exercise that has helped me is to ask the question: What is ONE task that I need to get done today? At the end of this day (or week), what is it that I will be most satisfied with having accomplished? Based on that, I plan and allocate my resources. That way, at the end of the day or week, I can still feel satisfied even if the "to do list" never ends.

Engage: What gets me engaged? What is important for me to feel good and succeed at work? How often do you ask yourself this question? It's not enough to reflect on it at the annual appraisal. We ourselves need to proactively work on our engagement to understand what is important to us and actively create the conditions we need. I have tried to set aside 15 minutes every Friday to reflect on my week (what has worked well and what can work even better next week). This has helped me to understand myself better and what I need to succeed even better next week.

Plan: Box tasks in the calendar and make a plan for the week. Identify any critical days and make sure there is time for breaks. Think about when maximum focus will be required and what will give and take energy during the week. When planning, start from the previous points: what is my focus and what do I need to succeed?

Right now I'm trying a meeting-free day from home during the week to get a day where I can work undisturbed on tasks that require maximum focus - it works great for me and the tasks that require extra attention.

Pause: and get moving! Regular exercise breaks are essential to take care of your body and stay focused. I notice it clearly on the days I'm slacking off, my body is stiff and I'm more tired. On days when I work from home and know that I won't naturally walk as much, I make sure to get out for a walk during the day. During long meetings, I am the one who stands up and does yoga movements.    

For movement breaks, an exercise that works for me is to set a timer for 25 minutes and regardless of what I'm doing at the moment the timer goes off, I get up and stretch my legs. This is not only an effective method to get movement, but also to stay focused on a task.


We do not believe that there is a way of working that works for everyone, instead you have to try things out. Some things are fun to try for a certain amount of time, other things do not work at all. Sometimes you don’t have the energy or time to or simply forget to prioritize yourself. And that's okay. As long as we bounce back and continue with sustainable habits. Working life is long and it is our firm belief that the workplace should be a place where health and well-being are prioritized. When we feel good, we perform well. Think PEPP!  




How Much Time and Energy Do We Waste Toggling Between Applications? (hbr.org)  

The Biggest Culprit Behind Your Lagging Productivity: You (forbes.com)  

To Improve Your Work Performance, Get Some Exercise (hbr.org)

Ellen Hållinggård
February 20, 2024
Did you recently attend our AI Training for HR & Leaders? If so, we hope you had an enriching and inspiring experience! Led by renowned AI expert Nils Janse, you gained a deep understanding of how AI can revolutionize your HR function and empower your leadership.

During the workshop, we explored the future of AI in HR processes and how it can streamline recruitment, onboarding, talent development, and more. We learned how to write effective prompts to maximize AI's potential and leverage tools like ChatGPT. We experienced aha moments through interactive exercises and practical examples of how AI can be used in everyday work. We gained tools and strategies to successfully implement AI in our organizations. And we discussed the ethical aspects of AI and how to ensure responsible use.

Here's what some of our participants had to say about the workshop:

"Nils Janse is an inspiring speaker and a true AI expert. I'm glad I attended the workshop!"

"It was a great mix of theory and practice. I now feel more confident in implementing AI in my work."

Huge thanks to all participants for a very interactive workshop! 

Want to learn more about how AI can transform your HR function? Contact us today to book a consultation!

Calle Engström
February 12, 2024
At Peops Relations, we are proud to present our spring event calendar, packed with opportunities to grow, network, and develop! Whether you're looking to sharpen your skills, network with colleagues in the industry, or discover the latest trends, we have something for you. Check out our calendar and plan your spring with us!
Events (slide 1)
Events (slide 2)

Right-click the picture and save it  to your computer (or open it in a new tab) if it might be difficult to read it on the website.


The dates in this calendar will be updated continually. Be sure to follow us on Linkedin to receive the latest update.

Reach out if you find any of our events interesting!

Calle Engström
February 5, 2024

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