During rapid company growth since January 2022, we've been boosting employee well-being and engagement, resulting in greater happiness and widespread organizational backing


Dekra Industrial
Safety has been DEKRA’s official field of operations since 1925. It’s one of the world's top 5 testing and certification companies. With innovative services, DEKRA contributes to increased safety on the road, at work and at home. DEKRA has 8 service divisions, among others: vehicle Inspection, claims & expertise, product testing, industrial Inspections.
Dekra Industrial
Improving Engagement, Performance, and Happiness
Time of project
Started in January 2022 (currently ongoing)

Employee surveys showed a decline in happiness and engagement when the company grew rapidly. The decline was so significant that management decided to act on it.


We set up an entire project plan, including well-being improvement initiatives, collaborative workshops and seminars, and iterative improvement. Currently the work and method of continuous improvement is still ongoing (which is a part of the result).


Starting from a narrow management issue, the project has evolved to focus on the entire well-being of the employees and enjoys broad support throughout the company. General employee happiness has been improved throughout the process.


How We Work

Every organisation is unique, and we adapt our working process for each customer.
Here’s an example of how a cooperation with us could look like.

Step One
A first meeting where we get to know each other and your needs.
Step Two
Agreement on a way of working and setting up a timeline.
Step Three
Execution of the service with close communication and cooperation with you.
Step Four
Celebration of our joint success and evaluation of the result.

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