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For Happier Workplaces

We create happy workplaces with purpose, where things run smoothly, and success becomes standard.

We Create Winning

We find the right people for your organization and create the environment that motivates them to stay.
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Data Is Our Answer

We help people and workplaces from A to B, through insight and action, a change called improvement.

Turn potential into success. Create stronger teams and positive work environments.

Peops relations is not your regular HR consultancy. As a team, we can deliver the full scope of
expertise – giving you the most value for money. It’s a win-win situation, contact us and let us explain why!

Unlocking your company’s potential

We provide you with the full HR team on demand. We help you when you need it the most. As a team we have a wide range of expertise and have the flexibility and capacity to scale up or down depending on what you need. Whether you need to find new people, set up processes to increase performance, or create a culture that wins, we support you at any step of the way.

Sucess stories from our clients

Here’s a few examples of what we have accomplished together with our customers.

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A People Operations/HR Department
Next generation chromatography resins
What was the challenge?
During a time with a high staff turnover rate, Bio-Works identified the need for HR support.
What was the solution?
Peops Relations established a comprehensive HR department that was tailored to meet strict quality standards and addressing various challenges.
What was the result?
Constantly increasing employee satisfaction, reduced staff turnover and increased customer growth. The assignment ended with the recruitment of a permanent HR manager.
Aira's growth with strategic recruitment
The next generation home energy champion
What was the challenge?
As the 4th initiative of Vargas Holding (who previously founded Northvolt, H2 Green Steel and Polarium), Aira faced the challenge of recruiting a high amount of skilled staff.
What was the solution?
Peops relations delivered a team solution where each member brought their own experience and expertise to the table.
What was the result?
With a team of 2,5FTE we had an impressive recruitment rate solely through sourcing and without any form of marketing. We were able to hand out more than 75 offers and hired more than 50 people.
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