Peops Relations established a robust HR department for Bio-Works, reducing turnover, enhancing employee satisfaction, and ultimately recruiting a permanent HR manager


Bio-Works was founded in 2006 and is involved in R&D, manufacturing and supply of innovative, leading edge products used to separate proteins and other biomolecules.
Creating A People Operations/HR Department
Time of project
24 months

During a time with a high staff turnover rate, Bio-Works identified the need for HR support, to secure both a smooth onboarding and offboarding procedure for employees.


Peops Relations created a HR-department from the ground up with all its fundamental aspects. As a chemical engineering company, the client required the highest of quality standards as they are bound to collective agreements and ISO certifications. The scope of the assignment was extensive, and challenges ranged from improving physical working environments, support in layoff efforts, and HR support throughout the pandemic.


Constantly increasing employee satisfaction, reduced staff turnover and increased customer growth. The assignment ended with the recruitment of a permanent HR manager. In addition to establishing the HR function and providing day-to-day support, 34 employees were recruited by the consultant (without any external costs).


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