Breakfast seminar: AI in HR - Attracting talent

Start your morning with a look at trends in AI for HR - and get some practical tips on how to get started
22 May, 8.00-9.00 AM
Rådhuset, Uppsala

In this breakfast seminar, you will gain valuable insights into how AI is redefining HR and how you can use AI to improve your HR processes. Plus, a hands-on workshop where you'll get to try out using AI tools to tackle real-life HR challenges. Places are limited, so book your place today (it's free)!

Calle Engström
People Partner

Welcome to our breakfast seminar highlighting how artificial intelligence is reshaping the HR industry! This is a unique opportunity to explore the latest trends and dive into practical applications of AI in HR. Whether you're curious about the impact of AI on recruitment, onboarding or people development, this seminar will give you a clear understanding of how the technology can create new opportunities in HR. During the seminar, you will learn about:

Trends in HR - Gain insights into the latest trends in HR and how AI is driving change and innovation in the industry.

Practical advice - Get concrete advice and tools to start integrating AI into your HR processes and add value to your organisation.

Interactive Workshop - A hands-on session where we test using ChatGPT to solve real-life HR challenges.

This breakfast seminar is led by Calle Engström from Peops Relations. With his background in the tech industry and passion for AI, Calle will share his insights and experiences to provide an in-depth understanding of AI in HR.

Limited number of seats, with the risk that the event will be full. Book your place today - it's completely free of charge!

PS. We'll offer breakfast, starting from 07.30 AM!

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