AI education for HR & Managers - with Nils Janse

Join us for a workshop led by renowned AI expert Nils Janse, where you'll discover how ChatGPT can revolutionize your HR processes.
Rådhuset, Uppsala

Elevate Your HR with AI: A Workshop led by AI Expert Nils Janse

In this workshop, you will gain a deep understanding and a glimpse into the future of AI in the workplace. Expect multiple aha-moments and several interactive segments. We will learn the art of writing effective prompts, which plays a crucial role in maximizing AI's potential - making ChatGPT an even more powerful tool. Didn't get a spot at this event? Don't worry! We have several exciting events planned for the spring and fall. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn to secure your spot at upcoming activities.

Line Thomson
Founder & senior People Partner

AI Training for HR & Managers: Maximize Your Workplace Potential with Nils Janse

Peops relations invites you to a groundbreaking AI training! Discover how you can optimize your HR functions and strengthen your leadership with the power of AI. Under the guidance of renowned AI expert Nils Janse, gain an in-depth understanding of AI's potential to revolutionize your workplace.

Delve into the potential of AI to:

  • Streamline recruitment, onboarding, and performance management
  • Craft effective prompts to maximize AI's capabilities and leverage tools like ChatGPT
  • Uncover actionable insights from data-driven HR analytics
  • Implement AI strategies successfully across your organization
  • Navigate the ethical considerations of AI in the workplace

Register now to secure your spot and take the first step towards an AI-powered HR revolution!

Target Audience: HR professionals, managers, leaders, and anyone interested in the forefront of AI-driven HR

Prerequisites: No prior knowledge required, but a basic understanding of HR processes and leadership principles is beneficial.

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