Agile for HR - with Frida Mangen

Welcome to a full-day course in Agile HR, designed to equip HR professionals with the tools and methods needed to drive agility within their organisations.
16 November, 2023
The Castle, Uppsala
One time fee

Why Agile HR: what's it all about?

More and more organisations are realising the benefits of applying the agile mindset to HR. Traditional HR processes focus on management and control, while Agile HR aims to create value and support unique needs within the organisation. This course helps you kickstart your agile journey.

Line Thomson
Founder & senior People Partner

Course content

During this training you will get a deep dive into the following areas:

  • Introduction to agile approach: Understanding the link between agile working, Lean and systems thinking.
  • The benefits of agile working: Why should we work agile and what characterises the agile mindset?
  • Adapting HR processes: How recruitment, performance appraisals and salary setting are changing with agile methods.
  • Agile techniques for HR: Using SCRUM and Kanban in HR.

Understanding the role of HR in an agile organisation

  • Supporting agile implementation: How HR can contribute to an agile transformation.
  • New ways of goal setting and performance management.
  • Job roles of the future: Are the traditional roles needed?
  • Learning and development in a complex world.
  • Independent agile work for HR departments: For example, with Kanban and improvement meetings.
  • Sprint exercises and user stories for HR.

Practical tools and exercises

You will have access to practical tools, templates and exercises specifically adapted for HR and managers, which you can use directly in your daily work.


No prior knowledge is required to participate in this training

This training is perfect for HR business partners, HR specialists, HR managers, line managers, agile coaches, business managers and consulting managers, both in the private and public sector.

Peoples Relations and People Value warmly welcome you to this full-day training in agile HR with Frida Mangen!

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